New Earth Relationships by Couples Relationship Coach William Weil New Earth Relationships by Couples Relationship Coach William Weil New Earth Relationships by Couples Relationship Coach William Weil
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Couples Relationship Coaching with William Weil

I perform relationship coaching throughout the United States, exclusively over the phone. People come to see me for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. They want to grow/evolve/transform personally, and they want to find the best way to use their relationship to support them.

  2. They have a satisfactory relationship, know that there's more, and want to take it to the next level.

  3. They have problems in their relationship that they want to resolve.

  4. Their relationship is in a state of crisis.

With #1 and #2 above, generally a profound difference can be made in four weeks.

With #3, depending on the level of responsibility and consciousness each party is able to attain, we can make a profound difference is as few as four weeks, but generally 12 weeks is recommended. Typically I'll speak with both parties initially for 90 minutes, the following week I'll speak with one partner, the week after with the other partner, the week after with both partners again, and so on. Between coaching sessions, I'll make myself highly available via phone and email.

With #4, it's anybody's guess.  Often a couple waits so long to get help that there is so much baggage, it's very difficult to repair the relationship. HOWEVER! If both parties are truly willing to be responsible, conscious and are committed to a breakthrough, miraculous results can occur. That's a big 'if'"  But if you 'bring it,' I will too. In this case, a minimum of 12 sessions is recommended.



"In my 30+ years as a relationship couples counselor, I've never seen a better relationship coach than Bill Weil."

Couples therapist for over 30 years

Author and Couples Relationship Coach, William Weil
William Weil is a professional teacher, writer and relationship coach (nationally, via telephone). In his writings and seminars he offers practical wisdom for self-discovery and transformation via interpersonal relationships. Weil is the author of New Earth Relationships: A Guide for Couples in the 21st Century, and From Intuition to Entrepreneurship: A Woman's Guild to Following Her Dreams.  He also created LovePong, an interactive website which supports couples in elevating their consciousness and communicating more powerfully.

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