New Earth Relationships by Couples Relationship Coach William Weil New Earth Relationships by Couples Relationship Coach William Weil New Earth Relationships by Couples Relationship Coach William Weil
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About William Weil and New Earth Relationships

"I've wanted to help people in their relationships ever since I was ten, when I would resolve my six-year-old sister's disputes with her girlfriends. I was 12 when my mother died, but it wasn't until high school that I received any counseling. I was amazed at how I could go from feeling horrible to fine in just one hour. My life changed in 1981 when I did the 'controversial' est training - an intense program that allowed you to totally transform the quality of your life in just two weekends! For years I trained to be a seminar leader for est, which became Werner Erhard and Associates and then Landmark Education.  For five years, I led weekly three-hour seminars to roughly 100 people, and I would coach many of these people between sessions. Since then I've become a student of relationship experts such as John Gray and Harville Hendrix, and spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle.

I wrote New Earth Relationships to fill a void in the literature on relationships, namely:

  • No relationship author was speaking from a place of deep, vulnerable experience - I wanted to write something that people could really relate to, with real personal stories that are both interesting and impactful.

  • I couldn't find anything that provided a context for relationships that was powerful enough to lift folks up through the hard times in and out of relationships.

  • I was compelled to combine the best advice of our most notable relationship experts into easy-to-read, practical and relatively brief "how to" manual.

I coach people in relationships because I'm brilliant at it, and I can't stand to see so many people suffering around me."


"This book is an inspiration and makes a difference. I keep several copies in my office and strongly recommend it to my clients."

Couples therapist for over 35 years

"In my 30+ years as a relationship couples counselor, I've never seen a better relationship coach than Bill Weil."

Couples therapist for over 30 years

Author and Couples Relationship Coach, William Weil
William Weil is a professional teacher, writer and relationship coach (nationally, via telephone). In his writings and seminars he offers practical wisdom for self-discovery and transformation via interpersonal relationships. Weil is the author of New Earth Relationships: A Guide for Couples in the 21st Century, and From Intuition to Entrepreneurship: A Woman's Guild to Following Her Dreams.  He also created LovePong, an interactive website which supports couples in elevating their consciousness and communicating more powerfully.

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